Thank you for wanting to learn a little more about us.

We are a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based husband and wife team. Jessica is a Pittsburgh native and graduate of Edinboro University’s Graphic Design program. Karl is originally from the outskirts of Cincinnati, a student of linguistics, and a bit of a computer nerd. We got married in 2012, in a local restaurant called the Library. Its cozy, book-lined walls inspired us to design our own wedding invitation suite centered around libraries and books. Shortly thereafter, we started a library-themed stationery business. 

In 2013, we launched a line of chemistry-themed greeting cards based on the Periodic Table of the Elements and have since expanded our academic themes to include BASIC computer programming, binary code, and math equations. 

Our cards have been featured on several international blogs including Huffington Post and can be found in independent stationery shops across the United States and Canada. Our wedding products have been featured on BuzzFeed, various wedding blogs, and in trade magazines such as Stationery Trends.

What sets us apart from many wedding stationers and greeting card designers is our minimalistic, typographic approach to design. At Edinboro, I found my passion in the Swiss Style of graphic design, where typography is featured as a primary element. Ideals of cleanliness, readability, and objectivity are emphasized, which I feel are not only evident in our end product, but also compliment our literary and academic subject matter.

As our business grows, we strive to stay true to our original influences, while continuing to be inspired by both classical and modern academia.

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Jessica + Karl